How Parliament Works

Submitted 26 Apr 2012 12:27pm


Today, an event entitled How Parliament Works has been organised in Greenwich to demystify how our parliamentary democracy works.

Organised by Abi Abimbola Junaid, a graduate of the OBV and CLG Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme, BME individuals will have the opportunity to learn how to engage effectively in the governance of our country.

Inspired by her experience on the programme, in which she had the opportunity to shadow deputy leader Rt. Hon Harriet Harman MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Abi wants BME individuals to meet with members of the parliamentary outreach team of the ERS and OBV to find out how to engage with Parliament and contribution to national and local policy.

Talking about the event Abi thanked OBV personally as she stated that Operation Black Vote had motivated her to become a Parliamentary Ambassador and organise the event for BME groups to be able to effectively challenge the problems that Black communities face. Abi feels the event is important because there’s no aspect of policies that doesn’t affect Black communities.

Talking about the event, Abi said,

BME communities in Greenwich have an interest in engaging with Parliamentarians on national policies and this event will be a vehicle to enable them to do so.

Approximately 50 people are expected to attend the free event which clearly demonstrates the interest that BME communities have in wanting to participate in politics.

OBV’s Head of Shadowing Schemes Francine Fernandes said,

I am delighted that Abi is acting as a Parliamentary Ambassador and has organised this event to empower others with her knowledge. It is a clear demonstration that politics does matter and with the Mayoral and Assembly elections next week, the timing of this event is crucial as BME communities will play a vital role in deciding the Mayor of our city.